Thursday, January 8, 2015

Google Analytics: e-mailed .pdf report shows only 10 lines

There was a query on Google Analytics Forum:

When opening my custom report (online) which drills down on 'pages' I see, per default' ONLY 10 entries (show rows field)! I can of course extend it to e.g. 50 lines and can see all correctly OR jump 10 by 10!

All understood and ok!
HOWEVER,  when mailing this report on a monthly base to me by email I ONLY get the first 10 line items! Without an option to see more!
PS: the report is mailed correctly otherwise ... again, except lines 11 to n!
Question: HOW do I need to setup my report to receive ALL line items (pages) in my e-mailed monthly report!?

Answer is:
When you create custom report, there is an option "advanced". Click on that.
You will see dimension or metric you have selected already. In containing field, enter [A-Za-z0-9]This is regular expression to show all the records. When you email this report, you will find all the records. 

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